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Care instruction for at home.

Our ROHALM straws out of common reed are dishwasher-proof so that you can easily clean them. Just put them upright into the cutlery basket and start one of your usual dishwasher programmes. They even stand 120 degree, so feel free to try it out. Afterwards they are ready to be used again.

But in case that one of your smoothies or cocktails remained and dried in the Rohalm we recommend to clean it manually. Check out our own cleaning brushes that are especially matching our straws. 

schilfgras am ufer

Rohalm instead of Drinking straws 

Totally simple:

  1. Let warm water rinse through the straw. Best is to do this directly after usage to avoid any deposits.
  2. Use our special cleaning brush: This step is essential to get rid of all dirt or deposits in the straw. You can put some rinsing fluid on the brush and move the brush up an down in the straw. Just repeat this one or two times and your straw will be cleaned.
  3. Rinse the straw: After using the brush and some rinsing fluid, let warm water run through the straw again to wash out any leftovers of the fluid. 
  4. Dry the straws: let the straws dry completely placed upright on a towel or in a dish drainer to maximise their lifetime.
  5. Storage: Please avoid storing the straws in sealed boxes or bags as they are a completely natural product.