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Plastikfreier Versand, kostenfrei ab 25€ Warenkorbwert

ROHALM means for us: ROhstoff, Nature

ROHALM – this is us, Hannes and Philipp! Two young guys from Baltic Sea with a clear target setting: innovative straws, produced sustainably and resource saving, affordable for everybody. At a historic industrial location we are working on the realization of new ideas based on our nordic entrepreneurial spirit. Of course always keeping a pinch of homour and a smile on our faces. 

At the beginning of 2020, we had the idea to start our local business ROHALM. This does include a permanent cooperation with local sheltered workshop groups in Rostock and surrounding area. We started the production back in summer so that our innovative straws could already reach your kitchens, living rooms, bars and lobby’s in December 2020.


Rohalm instead of drinking straw.


Hannes Subklew

„Moin“, my name is Hannes and I am a true Mecklenburgian guy.

I am an Aquarian born in 1984.

Sometimes a bit extraordinary and interested in absurdities.

I gladly accept an extra mile of this does mean I can sometimes broaden the limits of common social order.


Philipp Stein

„Moin“, my name is Philipp and I am a genuine guy from Rostock.

My  circle of friends and acquaintances is as colourful and unique as my ideas. I am always ready to help and always there for my dear friends. As I know somebody anywhere it can happen that I am always in my way from one mission to another what sometimes leads me into some kind of trouble: it seems to be true that less is more sometimes.